Took this from the comment field of this youtube clip. Enjoy this presentation. This is where I want to be one day! I hope to work at either Spotify or Pandora in the very near future as a Music Scientist!
Published on Dec 2, 2015

From Strata + Hadoop World 2015 in Singapore, Rishi Malhotra’s “Music Science” keynote: Rishi Malhotra is CEO & Co-Founder of Saavn, India’s leading streaming music service. Saavn has emerged as a Big Data leader and utilizes machine learning both internally and externally. In this session, we’ll take a look at how music streaming delivers real time data that enables us to proxy a billion behaviors and apply the signals to other industries. Rishi was also a participant in the O’Reilly Study “Music Science”, published in 2015 by Alistair Croll.

About Rishi Malhotra (Saavn): Rishi Malhotra is co-founder and CEO of Saavn, India’s leading music streaming service. As CEO, Rishi has led the company through significant and rapid user growth, while helping to secure partnerships with companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Shazam, T-Mobile, and Sonos. He is focused on driving the global Saavn team to deliver award-winning mobile products, big data systems for media, and industry-defining business innovation. Saavn is on path to become one of the largest streaming music companies in the world by 2017. Rishi has led the team in raising more than $125MM in funding from leading institutional investors, including Tiger Global Management, Bertelsmann India Investments, Liberty Media, Steadview Capital, Mousse Partners, Quilvest, and others.

Previously, Rishi was VP, HBO On Demand and Multi-Platform for Home Box Office, Inc., where he pioneered HBO’s SVOD products, digital distribution, and original VOD content for many HBO franchises, including Big Love, The Wire, and HBO Sports. Rishi’s work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, and Forbes. He’s been a speaker at Goldman Sachs Internet Conference, MIDEM, CES, Digital Hollywood, and served as chairman of The Future TV Conference in 2009. Rishi graduated from Washington University and currently splits his time between New York City and Mumbai.


Where I took the term “Music Science”

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