Today October 3rd would be my day of pride. I was appointed a study group room administrator for Python w/TDD at . The reason it is a big deal for me is that I WAS NEVER CHOSEN FOR ANYTHING that has direct involvement with what I am passionate about. This is a validation of my philosophy: you need to give in order to receive. If you never have given before, it is a freeing experience.  Unselfishly without asking for anything in return. With that credo in place,  I have participated and commented on the codebuddies slack channel on a regular basis. Besides donating my time, micro donations are given to the group on a monthly basis. I believe in what Linda Peng (founder of the site) is doing.  I don’t think I was ever selfish, but I have never been entirely selfless either. “Grey Area” I suppose. I never really donated my time to anything serious. Since I switch my mindset to “New Possibl(ties)“, things are heading into another direction.  One of my passions is getting involved in education. With one of my interests working for me, I have something to look forward to everyday.  To me this is….monumental.  I am loving this moment. I will cherish this for the time being before I go into my deep dive at the UPenn Starbucks tomorrow.


As I reflect on the subway on my way to Upenn/Starbucks, it dawned on me why I was anointed. It had nothing to do with contributing to codebuddies slack channel. I remember 2 weeks ago, an elderly homeless man ask me to buy him a chocolate smoothie. Usually the request I get is financial. He also asked me with somberness and deep longing. I acquiesced into his wanted drink. It was a simple gesture, but it was a reflection on who I was. It had to be that reason and nothing else. The universe repaid me twice!

Volunteer: Study Group Administrator

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