I love humanity. I really do; however, I love my privacy even more. If I want to be a science fiction novelist. If I want to be a great programmer, I have to make steps to eliminate procrastination and needless distraction. Social Media is a personality extractor. That is my summation. If I looked back at the last 10 years, I felt that I wasted a lot of time. Precious time. I have accomplished quite a bit, but I have this nagging feeling that more can be done. Procrastination is the indicator of lagging progress. Distraction is the harbinger of time slippage. Starting from MySpace all the way to Snapchat,  social media is the antithesis of deep work and craftsmanship. To become Prince. To become JRR Tolkien. Furthermore, to become Albert Fougy, distractions such as a social status comparison tool need to be zapped. At the very least kept to an absolute minimum. [1]Closer to nil in techno babble.

Special Mention to: Garry Kasparov. Since his savage rebuttal, my personal Ghost in the Shell has been swept with transformation. Simple response, but effective. To be (according to his Twitter Profile) a:

Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation (@HRF). Visiting Fellow at Oxford Martin. Author, speaker, 13th World Chess Champion

They had to be substantial amount of “alone” time to accomplish this. To refresh a page every 10 minutes to seek a “like” seems wasteful. Thank you Twitter for your time, but no thank you. I appreciated your last gift to yours truly.


[1] I have struggled with social media addiction. I have documented this on a couple of posts. Swore I would quit , then to go back and re-hash.

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