It was hard, but I think I left the last site of distraction about a few minutes ago. YouTube was a major problem that was draining my time. It was awful. Right now, I swore it off at least until I get a tech job. That will be my reward afterwards. I need to drill down and focus on coding and reading quality books.  Books will be my main source of entertainment for awhile. I’ll only scope npr or bbc just to browse the headlines. gitHUB is becoming my favorite place to hangout. I want to defile and pillage the code. Stackoverflow is another one. Hmm. Well…

Actually.. as I am typing. Let’s say this as a new study hack: Books(right now Python Crash Course), gitHub, stackoverflow and attending Learn Python Study Group in New York (not Philadelphia. That one is sucky sucky from the looks of it.) I SHOULD attend the LPSG when possible: the Tuesday and Sunday meets.  So. Al Fougy. As dictated at 4:24 am, I order you to commit to 4 study vehicles and see what you can come up with it.


IMHO CNN has gone downhill in my opinion as a news source. I failed miserably sleeping on time. I am suffering from insomnia. It is becoming a problem. Sleep is important. If I don’t sleep, I won’t be able to perform as a future engineer.

In the past year, I blocked/disabled the following:




*I only follow tech related items, but I learned to control my exposure now. 


The last frontier of blocking: Youtube. Plus idle rambling at 4am.

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