It has been a hectic 2019 for me. I had some encumbrances that I needed to tackle; however, I turned the page and arose anew.

Just dropping this important gem. It may come in handy for verbose/hackish logs.

Every serious user of a UNIX or Linux operating system knows standard streams, i.e. input, standard output and standard error. They are known as pipes. They are commonly abbreviated as stdin, stdout, stderr.  The standard input (stdin) is normally connected to the keyboard, while the standard error and standard output go to the terminal (or window) in which you are working.
These data streams can be accessed from Python via the objects of the sys module with the same names, i.e. sys.stdin, sys.stdout and sys.stderr.

I am currently working on a code evaluation application. I wanted to build an app that I could stand behind. It took a long time… Longer than I thought.  I am sure it will work out. Need to spend time in front of the screen. Dedicate more time to this blog. No excuses.

Until next time.

Standard Error Stream in Python

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