It’s ugly for sure. First method has too many lines. I over commented the last 2 blocks. Hacked the last 2 method blocks and integrated with

method. The comments alone is too much.Useless ‘pp’ gem. If you are a Rubyist you already know what is going on. Ugly Ugly. Poor practices all over the place, but guess what? It works. This is what a newbie’s code looks like. Make no mistake, this is the first of many snippets of code you will see. I will explain what is going on in full detail. It may take me a couple of days to give you a nuanced explanation. This post will be an evolving process. I will refactor more as time goes on. I must admit it is a strange euphoria.. I feel like Dr.David Bowman in the shuttle traveling inside the monolith (seeing colors) engulfed by the Stargate . I wish there was not an Opioid crisis. Why take Oxycontin when you can get high coding?

Me after getting it to work!

Time to celebrate is already over in a nanosecond. I am planning to burn the midnight oil and get on with my Odin Project track.

Good Night!

Ruby Web Scraper Page Metric Script. Using Selenium, Nokogiri and Actionmailer. 1st Version

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