Space Flight Dynamics is the science of space vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions.

Ragnar Anchorage is a Colonial munitions depot suspended in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Ragnar. The Colonial Fleet learned that the atmosphere of the planet Ragnar emitted a kind of radiation that adversely affected Cylon technology and cloaked ships residing within the storm. When the Cylons launch their attack on the Twelve Colonies, the Battlestar Galactica was without any munitions for her main and point-defence batteries, having dumped them as part of her decommissioning ceremonies prior to the battle. Colonel Saul Tigh determined that Ragnar Anchorage offers the best opportunity for re-arming the ship, based on its listing in an old directory of military supply depots.



Tigh: Five seconds to turn three.

Gaeta: Five seconds, sir.

Tigh: And turn.

Gaeta: Bow pitched positive one-half. Stern pitched negative one-quarter. Bow yaw negative three-quarters.




Ragnar Anchorage: Galactica’s Space Flight Dynamics

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