You can follow my results if you join the codebuddies slack team . I have my podium at the #python-tdd channel. Watch me struggle and pretend to be a guru while falling flat on my face. Ha! Seriously, I have came a long way. Granted, I don’t code everyday. There are times when I don’t feel like it. I slack off (pun intended) or I get discouraged. However, I have a spiritual force guiding me. An Omnipresent being nudging me. I still can’t think as computer scientist yet, but I can read a lot better. My latest copy/paste chat below. Again, I don’t have time to blog as much, but I need to keep it going. Ladies, Gentlemen and Goats >>>>>


I’m about to sleep. I just came back from my horrible commute. Anyways.. according to the prereq chapter: . That is the setup I will use to go through this book. (edited)


[12:29]I am using Ubuntu 16.04 for the OS.


[12:32]Using Firefox for the browser. Chrome is buggy for Ubuntu.


[12:33]Install virtualenv (virtual environment). Then install python 3 (latest version), Django, and Selenium.


[12:34]I already have anaconda installed. So I will be setting that up instead of virtualenv. I had to do it a different way.


[12:35]You need geckodriver in order to run selenium


[12:35]for Firefox


[12:35]Selenium is a standard test automation tool in the testing world.


[12:36]The way I learn is to go a little deeper in each sector of learning. A little over the top, but I kinda want to know what I am using. (edited)




[12:39]According to the Hacker Bible aka How to Become a Hacker


[12:42]In it is in your benefit to learn Linux. Ubuntu is the best start for noobs like myself. Most of the servers you have to play with is in some kind of flavour of Linux. You can’t even FTP into any of those servers anymore. So you need to learn basic Linux cmds. I would suggest learning the basics: cp, mv, rm , mkdir, cd. You will be forced to learn it anyways with this book.


[12:43]I thought learning vim was too hard. You kind of need to know it, so you can manipulate the files in real time through CLI. For now, learning Nano is suffice as a text editor.


[12:46]You will do so much repetition with this book, that it will become second nature. Tools I used to practice sometimes is : vimtutor [just type it out in the terminal](linux/mac osx), Python Koans (for Test Driven Programming) .
python_koans – Python Koans – Learn Python through TDD


[12:47]Hmm. what else?


[12:50]Git will be used frequently in this book. So you will be forced to learn it.


Try Git
Learn to use Git


[12:52]Like the book say… type out all of the code. You will learn from the typos, placing files in the wrong path, missing a block of code, etc..


[12:53]I also improved on my reading comphrension.


[12:53]I would skim a line and would be punished for it later on.


[12:56]Oh..I would suggest skipping a PaaS like Cloud 9 for your terminal needs. I would suggest doing the code locally on your machine if you can. If you must, go ahead.


[12:57]I”m nodding off, but I will update with my anaconda virtual setup tomorrow. (edited)


alfougy [7:32 AM]# install selenium inside anaconda
bin/pip install -U selenium

# Remove a virtual anaconda environment
conda remove –name superlists –all

# Create a virtual anaconda environment
conda create –name superlists python

# Install Django inside anaconda
pip install django==1.11 (edited)

Prerequisites : OBBTG Part 1

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