Well, I finally found my passion project. It took me a good 1 year and 9 months to figure out what I need to code. It was an introspective journey to state it mildly. I was struggling just to have the motivation to code. It could be a code kata, a contribution on a GitHub repo, or even taking notes on a project I saw. I decided to go against the normal suggestions for finding a unique project that is NOT a shopping cart or a blog.  So I am going against that advice and focus on recreating the music addiction that I abandoned years ago.   Nevertheless, starting officially today I will document as I go. There will be many stumbles and pitfalls. Added to the fact that I made a final decision to turn this blog into programming and related nerd topics. I want to avoid talking about my personal life and opinions of what is happening in the zeitgeist.

Let’s get to it. Let’s start today!

Passion Project: “Phuturistic Bluez”, Electronic Culture Magazine

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