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I am currently engaged with multiple projects besides my day job as a Fashionista, I copy/pasted the same introduction from my favorite slack channel @ . This is time-hacking at its finest.

alfougy [9:25 AM] Hello All.. I am about to re-start TDD w/ Python by Harry Percival. This is a beginner/intermediate book. It is suggested to start this book after Automate the Boring Stuff. However, I still think a beginner can do this material. Just use google or stackoverflow to fill in the gaps.


[9:25] Based on reactions, I suggested to start a channel, but I


[9:26] am not so sure. is the e-book.


[9:27] I would avoid the book format, because it’s not updated. The e-book is always updated and there is a disqus comment section that will help you with some common errors. (edited)


[9:31] I’m always on the road, so I don’t know about joining silent hangouts, but I’ll try. I blew up my linode server and re-doing it on AWS. for the first 3 chapters, you don’t have to have a remote server. Eventually you have to. I am simultaneously learning AWS/DevOps and Ruby Test Automation. So my time is limited;however, this is the book that started it for me. I would like to share my enthusiasm for the material.


[9:31] Anyways….. Day 1 is today!




[9:34] Even the setup can be tricky. I used a different method for my virtualenv using anaconda. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll show you.


[9:35] :v::skin-tone-6:


[9:37] Oh..


alfougy [9:44 AM] You will touch on the following: Git, Linux Commands, Gunicorn, Django, Selenium, Nginx, Javascript, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Unix Sockets and much more…

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