“Revolution Happens In The Dark…..It Has To Be Quiet & Focused” – Jill Scott

It has been an arduous and hard road to eliminate distractions and discouragement. I’m at the crossroads of new possibilities. The movement to not involve the past but evolve for the future. The moment of clarity was a yesterdays’ conversation with my mother and a former co-worker. There was nothing very aggressive about the conversations. I believe it was the tone that was involved in both exchanges.  Introspectively, I detected speaking layers of subliminal undercurrents that I simply could not ignore. After years of trying assimilate with normal human beings,  I finally got it yesterday.   It takes a rare individual to comprehend my multi-layered complexity. I have to strike it on my own. There are new possibilities to explore.

Music Tech Entrepreneur

Electronic Musician

Sci-fi Writer
Natural Bodybuilder
Digital Nomad
TED Guest Speaker

With all those possibilities it is time to try  to convince give up on people within my close proximity to comprehend me (exception: my son). Wasting time. Time To Be Like Batman  . A silent personal revolution. 

New Possibilit(ies) : What is it?

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