Let’s start with ideas I cannot implement at this time.

Music as a Service

a. Streaming is where it is going, but again it is a publishing/royalty nightmare to administrate to various artists, publishers, and record  labels. Requires funding from various sources.
b. Hardware /Music relationship requirements. The reason why only large startups can do it (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal).

Record Label

a. Vinyl are logistics heavy
b. Digital Downloads (publishing and royalty nightmare/time prohibitive as a solo startup)
c. CD are logistics  heavy

Music Magazine

a. I do not have time to be a journalist. That is not my primary focus. This is a later venture for me to explore.


A physical venture that is the most likely, but that I would have to piggyback on the fame of the so called “radio station” or “record label”

Music Producer/Solo Artist

(via)phuturistic.blue/z relaunch, but I would have to be the solo producer. I can invest in time to learn after I secure a job in Python as a developer.
Right now it is time prohibitive for me to learn. I am the only one that knows what he wants to hear.

The number #1 instant startup/side project while I’m learning(that also ties into the “Music Science”(possible) journey ( I don’t really know if I am 100% going there yet!).):

RADIO STATION/BIG DATA [senseofgroove.com] idea to learn music science:


  • I will treat this as a side project without the pressure of marketing.
  • I can play playlists all day(while I am studying/working). Mixtapes from Dj’s worldwide.
  • I am still contributing to my love of music without doing nothing at all.
  • Donations via paypal
  • Has a possibility to launch into a growth business leading into PB relaunch, festivals, etc…
  • It has stability
  • I can understand “music science” and turn it around as a project to procure a related job in that field.
  • I can control and adjust while being remote, since I am not running the server physically (I don’t have to maintain the server)
  • Maybe share my discoveries of “music science” via SOG radio with peers in the industry. Share it on a blog.
  • I will do only drum and bass. No other music genre. Keep it very very focused.
  • Keep it clean by signing up to performance rights affiliation (cost is not too high)
  • Re-hack and learn to setup my own player (via Python) and understand networking.


The positives are there. It looks like a very low threshold to satisfy my musical urges without “doing nothing at all”.
Since I can’t start my own streaming service (to learn music as a service)
The next best thing to learn about music analytics and big data is to start an internet radio station.

Quick and instant setup hack:

  1. Discogs to discover new music
  2. Secret source to download and save high quality (320 mp3/aiff/.flac/wav) music
  3. Shoutca.st to stream music
  4. Paypal to ask donation

*Music + Data Science(via Python). The realities or how I can satisfy both of my passions simultaneously.

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