Attended my first Python meetup group.  It was totally worth it. I keep forgetting that unlike a very forthcoming environment such as retail, programmers are a different sort. They weren’t as aggressive in their greeting, but it is not their fault. Their job is to solve problems through an artificial interface. Human interaction is not at the top of their list unless it is solving related. However,  I met a couple of the organizers in Dillon and Paul. Great couple of guys. I found out that after doing Python Crash Course I should do Automate the Boring Stuff and go straight to Fluent Python. Dillon think I can handle it. Hmmm. Ok then! That is a challenge worth taking. I really should tackle the exercises first in crash course and automate. Both in the books and in Codewars. I was suggested Hackerrank. The jury is out on that one. My thinking in code really sucks. I got my work cut out for me. The thing that stuck out for me is what do I want to solve? That what the programmers in the room asked me the most. It made sense why they would ask. What is the point being a hacker if I really have no idea what my contributing factor to solving problems really is.  I’ll take the day to think…

Learn Python Meetup was totally worth it

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