A 2nd renaissance.

December 17th, 2017.

Today, I am a postHuman of nuclei and atom. A rebirth of astronomical importance. An upright bipedal male carbon based lifeform . I exist to find astral planes of new possibilities.  It is a moment to reject everything that has come before and embrace what is to be.

  1. My full name is unabashedly explicit.
  2. Geek. Yes.
  3. A single man: possibly forever.
  4. Health: -番.
  5. Programming: discrete intellectualism exemplified.
  6. Traveling: to explore unabated.
  7. Social Media Interaction: Nil.
  8. Reading: Fundamental.
  9. Writing: an extension of my imagination to be shared.
  10. Financial Responsibility: Discipline with military precision.

I am not the person I was last year.


I am not the person I was last month.


I am not the person I was 8600 seconds ago.


To have a fulfilling life. To start anew.


Prescient. Phuturist.. Plausible.


I.. Am.. Albert Fougy.

I Am Albert Fougy

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