I was unclear what would be the best direction for my lead text. It boiled down to 2 books:

I am doing the Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes before I do “Learning Python”, because I really need to get up and running. Although I agree with Mark Lutz on programming is really an involved subject. Learning intimately and deeply is the best way to learn. For sure. However, there is one thing he is missing. He already has a career. I need to escape my current job predicament. I am dying inside. I want to leave now. I will figure it out as I go. I need to start hacking proggies and get my foot wet, so I can open myself to the job market in the near future. Not distant future, but near. This ultimate book stack that I discovered on quora sealed the deal on what my learning path should be.

Automate the Boring Stuff vs. Learning Python.

To confirm my gut instinct, I referred to by Hacker Bible for guidance. There is an excerpt that says:

The hacking equivalent of fingering is learning the capabilities of programming languages

“Capabilities” is the key word here. To be capable. In order to be capable, you need to know what you are doing. “Learning Python” seem to be very thorough. If I know the subject thoroughly, I will be capable. That seems very logical to me. Therefore, I decided that Learning Python will be the lead text of my deep learning curve that I need to be a capable programmer. Automate the Boring Stuff will be like a followup text that will simplify and reinforce what I already know. Since there are more code examples in Automate, I will tend to use it more for dojo like practice. I will also encourage me to finish those practice examples at the end of the ATBS chapters.

Another thing is to start scrubbing github for for text based games. According to my hacker bible, there would be smaller lines of code involved . I suspect that Sweigart’s other book,”Invent games in python” already has those type of games. I think I will start off with those first and refactor what I can.

Firm decision of lead text for pythonista transformational journey

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