I commute to work 5 days a week from Northeast Philly to New York. Crazy. I know. Most of the time I take a Chinese Bus and I supplement that with a Megabus. I’ll get into that one day. My focus with these essays is code. I am typing this post on my chromebook tethering with my iPhone. I am also learning Python after 8 months dragging my feet in Javascript. Those curly braces really annoyed me. However, I think I absorbed a few concepts. Not a total waste.. I was slightly discouraged about the prospect of being stuck selling clothes for the rest of my life until I discovered ESR’s How To Learn Hacking . A moment of clarity hit me oh so suddenly. You meant all this time on planet Earth I was a hacker? I am hacker. That is really what I am. It was revelation that took 49 years, but hey…

I use that article as my guide. He suggested this cocktail of entering hackerdom; Python, Linux, Open Source and this technique called “Incremental Hacking Cycle”. I will elaborate on this topic at a certain point of time.

This is my first article. It will be messy at first. My thoughts will ramble. My command of the English need to be fined tuned at least at the beginner academia level. I was pronouncing “Salmon” with an “L” this whole time with barely any correction until a client pointed out my faux pas. Quite embarrassing. I need get that in order. This will be my outlet to express my thoughts in a hackerish way. Python will be the lingua franca here. As I get better with my thoughts, I hope to be focused in time. These essays will document my progression. I haven’t organized the menus yet, but I had to start writing right away.

About the lack of comments. Listen. I don’t want to feed into this whole commenting pariah going on. If you need to state a comment, I will take it privately and decide if I need to republish your voice back into my domain. There is an ugly society of trolls out there and I want to control directive here. I will add my personal email in the about section eventually. That is why I keep using the word “essay”. The subdomain uses the word “blog” in the URL, just because it is shorter. That is all. I figure with comments, it would be a blog. Taking away the comments would be essays. I don’t know if I am right. That is my thinking nevertheless.

Briefly things I delved into today

Learning lists and how to manipulate it.

Got accepted to my first open source team on slack through “Codebuddies”. I have just a little clue how to code now. I cannot dream up my own algorithms yet. However, I think I can contribute by hacking the existing code(refactoring).

Love this code, that I rehacked from an excerpt of Automate the boring stuff in Python. Simple,but effective intro to Python.

Copied from $bash on Cloud9 IDE

‘The ‘ + spam[-1].title() + “”\n” is afraid of the ” + spam[-3].title() + ‘.’

My fingers are cramped typing into this keyboard. Typing like a T-rex cramped in my passenger seat. I should sign off…. Good night!

>>>python3 ahackerBegins.py

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