*Update: I’m testing the free track now[I’m doing intro to Python]. I think once you enter the Intermediate stage, you have to the option to pay either basic(Data Analyst) or premium(Data Scientist). I was tossing which direction I should head to, but ultimately I decided on the “data scientist” direction, because of one thing: storytelling. Yes. It’s not the math nor the statistics. I think my experience in client relations would give me a great edge. As a natural hacker, I can figure out the math and statistics angle as I go along.

After many days struggling to come up with a solid learning path. I took David Venturi‘s advice and went with a structured program. Instead of the Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree, I joined the Dataquest equivalent. The reason behind this is three folds.

  1. The cost. Although it is a good deal (199 monthly plus 50% reimbursement after graduation) + (299 with job placement guarantee after 6 months w/ full refund), it was too costly on a monthly basis for me. I just need the breathing room. I am a big believer of “just in case” scenarios. That’s how I have survived so long.
  2. It maybe a nitpick for many people, but I am not a big fan of video. It’s either interactive or text. Video is so distracting and it’s annoying to pause and play.
  3. $49 per month@dataquestio is a great value and the core language is Python which I prefer.

I am also going to try the Pomodoro technique of studying. I need to drill down and focus and enjoy the process not the goal. I want to declare small victories and doing it in chunks would seem best.

I need to get back on the wagon. I’m going to take about 5 days away from blog land. I also plan to sign up a domain so I can truly hack my name. Watch this space.

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