I love Music.

I love Python.

Python is excellent for Data Science.

I used to own  a drum and bass label. I dabbled in music production. Well, maybe for like a week then I quit. I did that probably more than a few times. Subconsciously I wasn’t fully invested in that aspect of music appreciation. I am better at listening and analyzing music.

Data Science + Music == Music Science.  There is logic in that statement.

Maybe I should become a Music Scientist?  *update: I will become a Music Scientist. That could be my goal where I can base my future project on. Took the day to think about that question. I may have found my answer. I got this from the O’reilly website after some googling. It is a light read of 25 pages.  Click on the image to take to you the website. Just fill out a dummy name and email so you can download the ebook for free.

Data Scientist + Music Analyst == Music Scientist

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