ls -lah

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grep -rnw “superlists.settings” -e “DJANGO_SETTINGS” Explanation of flags:

PYTHON Web Development is the main focus : 1. Areas to explore • Test Automation ( Udemy / TDD course) • Data Science (Dataquest) • Scripts ( Discogs API / ATBS scripts for cvs) 2. Django Applications to build for Discogs / SenseOfGroove • Build Store => • Build Blog => • Build […]


Note to self:

We use the virtualenv version of Python whenever we need to run a Django command, to make sure we get the virtualenv version of Django, not the system one.

copy and pasted from a slack chat. Special shoutout to Anthony L. for the tip! here’s a time saver i just drummed up that’s worthy of sharing. it will be of interest to you: in your ~/.ssh/config put:

look mom, no hands! now, any time you log into an EC2 node, there’s a convenient […]

It’s ugly for sure. First method has too many lines. I over commented the last 2 blocks. Hacked the last 2 method blocks and integrated with

method. The comments alone is too much.Useless ‘pp’ gem. If you are a Rubyist you already know what is going on. Ugly Ugly. Poor practices all over the […]

Tired of being distracted all the time. When you are connected to the internet, the temptation to visit movie streaming sites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc… is excruciating. You cannot get any work done. There is a way to block those sites without using outside tools. In the terminal enter this:


is superuser. […]