ls -lah

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grep -rnw “superlists.settings” -e “DJANGO_SETTINGS” Explanation of flags:

PYTHON Web Development is the main focus : 1. Areas to explore • Test Automation ( Udemy / TDD course) • Data Science (Dataquest) • Scripts ( Discogs API / ATBS scripts for cvs) 2. Django Applications to build for Discogs / SenseOfGroove • Build Store => • Build Blog => • Build […]


Note to self:

We use the virtualenv version of Python whenever we need to run a Django command, to make sure we get the virtualenv version of Django, not the system one.

copy and pasted from a slack chat. Special shoutout to Anthony L. for the tip! here’s a time saver i just drummed up that’s worthy of sharing. it will be of interest to you: in your ~/.ssh/config put:

look mom, no hands! now, any time you log into an EC2 node, there’s a convenient […]

It’s ugly for sure. First method has too many lines. I over commented the last 2 blocks. Hacked the last 2 method blocks and integrated with

method. The comments alone is too much.Useless ‘pp’ gem. If you are a Rubyist you already know what is going on. Ugly Ugly. Poor practices all over the […]