I narrowed down the books that I will use to enter pythonHackerDom:

1. Automate the Boring Stuff in Python: Al Sweigart
2. Learning Python: Mark Lutz
3. Fluent Python: Luciano Ramalho

Why those 3? I am not sure. After a week of research, I decided on books that had the highest rating and comments on “Good Reads”, “Amazon”, “Reddit”, and a variety of tech book commerce sites. It happens that those 3 were always in the top 10. “Learning Python” did not have such a high rating than the other 2, but it has been there the longest. Also it’s 1600 pages long! I am sure there there is some value in those pages. Too much information out there to focus on. Books are good and they are usually structured. Videos are annoying. I have to pause all the time. Plus, I maybe in a situation where I can’t even play them(like at my real job) or if I want to sneak a code in there while I’m at a funeral.. You get the point.

For practice, I’ll scour GitHub and find out projects I can refactor or like my bible would say “Incremental Hacking”. Work on tiny scripts and work myself up. I’ll try to do as many hacks I can. Let’s see where this goes.

3 books only + openSource

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