One cannot simply concentrate on silence alone. You want to stay in the state of flow for like forever. I have searched far and wide for the perfect blend of ambient, sweeping chords and electronic deep beats. YouTube excluded, because we do not want distracting videos before us. Every track is a DJ mix of […]

Use this for Gunicorn.service code: Notice the separation of the access log. Rather than override the previous log, we create a totally separate one. This will produce a different result and reflect the production website and not the development one.

Reboot all servers after changes (nginx, gunicorn) when in doubt.

Space Flight Dynamics is the science of space vehicle orientation and control in three dimensions. Ragnar Anchorage is a Colonial munitions depot suspended in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Ragnar. The Colonial Fleet learned that the atmosphere of the planet Ragnar emitted a kind of radiation that adversely affected Cylon technology and cloaked ships […]

A strongly-typed programming language is one in which each type of data (such as integer, character, hexadecimal, packed decimal, and so forth) is predefined as part of the programming language and all constants or variables defined for a given program must be described with one of the data types. Certain operations may be allowable only with certain […]

Following the Python TDD study track, I came across an older reference(but still relevant) explanation of what a context manager is. I will do a full write up when I have a chance. Python 2.5 : The ‘with’ statement == Have to spend a whole day to rewrite this explanation == Writing Context Managers […]